UFCW spoke in opposition to Bill 28 and 29

UFCW Local 832 representatives and members stood together last night with leaders, representatives and members from other unions in opposition to Bill 28 (Public Sector Sustainability Act) and Bill 29 (Health Care Bargaining Unit Review Act).


Highlights on what your union had to say on Bill 28:

To simply legislate wage freezes without talking to workers at the bargaining table and understanding the challenges they go through, is exceptional in its severity and it is complete disrespect to the bargaining process, and It is a complete disregard for all of the frontline people that work so hard for Manitoba’s community’s and families."

With limited increases to SPA’s, and now a cap on the amount wages can go up, I feel there is no recognition on the value of the work that is being done and certainly does not help make our province a better place for Manitobans.

The appropriate time to set wage rates is at the bargaining table, not in the legislature.  By legislating future wage increases in such a heavy-handed manner this government is sending a clear message to the thousands of Manitoba’s employed by the province that their work is not valued.

The people of Manitoba deserve honesty, integrity, and consideration for their financial realities, in a way that considers the resources and abilities of everyone. This bill does not deliver any of this.


Highlights on what your union had to say on Bill 29:

What concerns us most, is that this bill appears to simply be a way to pit unions against each other and focus on this process. Hospitals are a stressful place, and this is a distraction for all members in healthcare, a distraction away from providing excellent care for patients.

This government, has taken a paternalistic approach from the beginning. There, is a apparent lack of understanding regarding how these decisions affect people differently,  depending on their life circumstances. There is a consistent disregard for people who do not hold the same financial and/or life circumstances of those in this government’s party.

I feel this bill’s ultimate goal is to turn the unions that represent health care on each other. This is just my opinion based on the fact that no response has been given to the MFLs alternative proposal and that no meaningful consultation has occurred with health care unions.


UFCW Local 832 is strongly opposed to both of these bills, We are disappointed and frustrated that when given the opportunity to work together to achieve better results, this government is set to mandate their own agenda through legislation.

To learn more on how the legislative process works, and how Bills are introduced, debated, and passed,
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