UFCW pushing for more information

UFCW attended a meeting that was called at the request of senior labour relations at the WRHA to discuss impending health care changes.  Changes to the health system right now are being driven by two factors, one is the “clinical consolidation plan” (that is the Peachey report initiatives called Healing our Healthcare System) that is being implemented and the other is due to this  most recent requirement for WRHA’s to meet the government’s budget initiatives ($83 million dollar cut to the operating budget).

When we met on Tuesday management reiterated the changes that were previously announced.  Below is the information provided to the Union:

At St. Boniface Hospital
The anticipated changes to St Boniface Hospital will take effect in mid-November.  There will be changes to departments, but there was no information on which departments may or may not be affected. Some departments could have Equivalent Full Time’s (EFT) reduced, and some could have EFT’s increased, but again no specifics were provided to the Union.

At Grace Hospital
They indicated that UFCW members in allied health can expect to start receiving notices next week of changes to their positions due to the outpatient clinic changes to physiotherapy.  The expectation is that these changes to the physio outpatient program will take effect in October.  No specifics were given on how many positions would be affected but we will be receiving that information early next week.

Some good news is that senior labour relations expect the Grace to consistently pick up work in the allied health field in various departments as more critical care services are moving to the Grace from the Victoria and Misericordia facilities.  They expect this to include Respiratory, Physio, Occupational Therapy, and social work.

For the Social Workers, they do not expect to see work move to the Victoria hospital until their renovations are complete in late spring or early summer of 2018.

For Pharmacy and Diagnostic Services Manitoba, there are no announced or expected changes to their departments at this time. If that changes, we will let you know.

There has been no information on the NRHA yet or the WRHA Laundry yet.

As soon as we receive more information we will communicate it to you all.  We are hoping to receive more specifics sometime next week

We understand this is a stressful time for everyone, if you have any questions, concerns, or if you have heard any rumours, please contact us.

Toll-free: 1-888-557-7008
Email:  wearethefrontline@ufcw832.com

We will do our best to get you answers