The Next Steps

In the past two weeks, members at the Grace Hospital and St. Boniface hospital have been given notice that positions will be impacted, with little details.

Since that time, we have met once already with senior management at the WRHA to start and ensure the process laid out in the collective agreement is being followed and our members will be treated with respect during this process at both the Grace and St. Boniface Hospital.

We were able to discuss starting steps for St. Boniface, but the person coordinating changes for the Grace hospital was not able to attend, so, unfortunately, there was little progress made for the Grace Hospital.

We have a follow-up meeting scheduled next week for Tuesday, August 15th, it is our hope that we will have more specific answers for our members at that time.

When the next step is finished, and all scenarios and changes have been reviewed, and we ensure the CBA has been followed, notifications will be sent out to the affected members from the hospitals. UFCW will receive a copy of each notice, and we will be available to meet with each member affected to go through options and to answer any questions.

“Our members on the frontline, patients and their loved ones are concerned with the uncertainty of upcoming changes in our healthcare system. We think it’s unfortunate that the government is pressuring the WRHA so hard to push so many changes through so quickly.” Stated Jeff Traeger “These changes are causing unnecessary anxiety and stress on those providing and those receiving care within our health care system."

We will continue to keep our members as up to date as possible throughout this process in as fast and effective manner as is possible.