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  • UFCW is standing behind you. Always.

    No one should have to face problems at work alone. Having someone to help fight for what’s right can make all the difference.

    Joining a union can change your work for the better.

    By working together, union members have each other’s backs and make sure everyone is treated fairly.

    Learn what it means to join UFCW below.

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  • Are you ready for the health care vote?

    The Manitoba government is changing how health care workers are represented at work.

    If you are a health care worker, you will have to vote soon on which union will represent you after the change. Before the vote, make sure you know what is at stake.

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  • Joining UFCW832

    Top 3 reasons why people join UFCW Local 832

    Improved wages and benefits
    More on-the-job respect
    Increased job security

    When all employees unite to demand improvements, the employer has no choice but to listen. Visit the Join page to find out more about the benefits of organizing your workplace, and how to make it happen.

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    Election results are in

    June update from the commissioner

    Election dates for health care workers finally announced

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  • Heavy Workload Forms

    Heavy Workload Forms

    Fill out this form every time your heavy workload is affecting patient care

    Member Contracts

    If you're a UFCW 832 member, please visit our main website to find your collective agreements or CBA

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