Something's going to give

Today the PC Government announced that they are closing the Emergency Rooms at Concordia, Victoria and Seven Oaks. These locations will be "repurposed".

This is an irresponsible move by the PC Government on many levels. Imagine having a crisis with a family member and then having to take the precious time to google which hospital has an ER. Or rushing to a hospital in an emergency and then being told "sorry, we don't take emergency's here, please go to another hospital".

Doing this at the same time as they are trying force unions to merge their contracts is what makes this so irresponsible. The frontline workers in healthcare look after your families and your loved ones, that's already stressful enough.  Doing multiple massive changes in the healthcare system is too much, too fast.  Adding these extra pressures to the people who make our healthcare system work means something’s going to give.

Jeff Traeger
President UFCW Local 832