Pallister Government Continues To Put Negotiations On Hold – Union Ready & Willing To Bargain

The first step of negotiations is to collect your feedback on proposals for your Collective Agreement. Proposal meetings would then follow to let the Union know what improvements and changes they want to their Collective Agreement.

Members at Grace Hospital, your contract expires March 31, 2018. Normally we would be contacting you at this point for your feedback on proposals.

Members at St. Boniface Hospital & St. Boniface DSM, your agreement expired March 31, 2017, and your union wrote you in December of 2016 to get your feedback on proposals.

Unfortunately, this process remains stalled; the Pallister Government has still not given a mandate to the Grace Hospital, DSM or Pharmacy to bargain.

We have been very clear with the Government & WRHA that the Union is ready to start bargaining and get to the Negotiating table, but still, no dates have been set.

UFCW and other Unions in Manitoba that represent public sector employees are continuing to fight against Bill 28 and has launched a legal challenge on the Bill.

Read more about Bill 28 here

We will continue to keep you posted on the status of negotiations and once we get dates to bargain, the Union will hold proposal meetings to ensure that the changes and improvements you want to see to the Collective Agreement are as up to date as possible.

Heavy Workload Forms are Now Online

We have also recently moved the Heavy Workload Forms online. You can complete these forms and send them to us directly if your workload is unmanageable, staff are not being replaced, or they are moving existing staff from area to area without replacement. These forms are reviewed and will be shared with management and give us the tools we need to address your concerns.

Please keep filling out the forms! One or two will not cut it, fill one out for every shift there is an issue!


If you have any questions or concerns with regards to negotiations, please contact:

Marie Buchan

Carmela Abraham
Union Representative at St. Boniface

Joe Carreiro
Union Representative at Grace Hospital