Open letter to members on Bill 28

To All UFCW Local 832 Members Working for a Public Sector Employer
Bill 28 – The Public Services Sustainability Act

On March 21st I posted a video on this website to let our members know that we were working hard to get our questions answered about Bill 28 so we could let you know if and how this bill affects you.

Here is what we know so far:

The basic purpose of the Bill is to impose maximum limits on wage increases when public sector contracts are negotiated.

The Bill does not allow existing contracts to be opened, but once your contract is up for renewal, wage increases and total compensation cannot be more than 0% in the first year, 0% in the second year, .75% in the third year and 1% in the fourth.

Bill 28 applies to all employees (unionized or not) for whom the government is the employer or funds the employer.  For UFCW members, this means our healthcare members will be impacted, and group home members, school division members and those working in shelters or personal care homes may be affected.

The maximum percentages include any other contract provisions that cost money such as allowances, premiums or vacations.  If those are agreed to in bargaining, wage increases have to be less than the maximum limits so that total costs are 0%, 0%, .75% and 1% over the four year period.

The Bill has to go through the legislative process before being “proclaimed” and becoming law.  It is entirely up to the government when to proclaim the Bill and the earliest they could do so is June1, 2017.

UFCW along with other unions who represent workers in the public sector and the Manitoba Federation of Labour are continuing to meet with government to offer other options in an attempt to get them to back off this legislation, and we continue to seek advice on the possibility of challenging this legislation in the courts.

We will update you on our progress regularly and will soon be developing a “Frequently Asked Questions” document for this website so you can get the information you’re looking for as fast as possible.


In Solidarity,

Jeff Traeger
President, UFCW Local 832