Labour Adjustment Update

Yesterday, we met with the WRHA and St. Boniface Hospital to start to sort our specifics of your labour adjustment processes. There is not much to share at this point, but here is where we are:

For Grace Hospital:
The coordinator from the WRHA has not been present at the meetings, we have requested that she be at our next meeting as nothing has transpired since the initial letter we received. The WRHA agreed and have advised us that the coordinator will be in attendance at the next meeting.

For St. Boniface Hospital:
We are in the process of reviewing the information provided by the hospital and began discussing how the labour adjustment strategy would work but have yet to finalize anything. It is too early to provide any specifics and details may still change.

Our next meeting with the WRHA and hospitals is scheduled for Monday, August 28, 2017. We are hoping that progress will be made at that point and we can better inform you of the upcoming changes after that meeting.

We are also meeting regularly with other healthcare unions as part of this process to compare notes and ensure we are all being told the same thing. These meetings will help keep each other informed of changes and events as they unfold.

We understand that this lack of information is frustrating for our members. It is imperative that we are thorough when working through this process and ensuring all information we receive is accurate and that all scenarios are looked at in detail before implementation. It would be a disservice to share incomplete information that may change, potentially causing more confusion during this already difficult time. Both parties need to be in agreement with the process before it is rolled out to our members.

If you have any questions or concerns,
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