Have your voice heard on Bill 28 and Bill 29

We just found out that Bill 28 and Bill 29 are at the committee stage.

What this means is that now is your chance as members working in healthcare and as citizens of Manitoba to have your voice heard by the government on these regressive bills.

You need to act quickly though, as there has been very little notice or time given, so you need to call the registrar's office TODAY at 204-945-3636 and get your name on the list to speak about your concerns.

Once you are on the list, then the registrar’s office will contact you back as to when the committee meetings are.

Call 204-945-3636 and register TODAY to get your name on the list.

Beatrice Bruske


Bill 28 – The Public Services Sustainability Act

The basic purpose of the Bill is to impose maximum limits on wage increases when public sector contracts are renewed. Wage increases and total compensation cannot be more than 0% in the first year, 0% in the second year, .75% in the third year and 1% in the fourth. Bill 28 applies to all employees (unionized or not) for whom the government is the employer or funds the employer.  For UFCW members, this means our healthcare members will be impacted, and group home members, school division members and those working in shelters or personal care homes may be affected. The maximum percentages include any other contract provisions that cost money such as allowances, premiums or vacations.  If those are agreed to in bargaining, wage increases have to be less than the maximum limits so that total costs are 0%, 0%, .75% and 1% over the four year period. http://web2.gov.mb.ca/bills/41-2/b028e.php

Bill 29 – The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act

The basic purpose of the Bill is to reduce the number of bargaining units in each Regional Health Authority to seven and to have a single contract and a single union for each of the seven bargaining units.  The Bill will also require province-wide organizations like Diagnostic Services Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba to also have a single contract and a single union. The seven agreements would be for nurses, physicians, medical residents, physician’s assistants, professional/technical/paramedic, facility support and community support, and are specific to each Regional Health Authority. For UFCW members, this means our members working at The St. Boniface Hospital, The Grace Hospital, DSM and those working in the Northern Regional Health Authority locations are affected. http://web2.gov.mb.ca/bills/41-2/b029e.php