First Steps


I’m Aline Audette, UFCW Local 832’s Health Care Co-ordinator. I will be keeping you up to date on what’s happening with our healthcare sector as we lead up to the Budget Day on April 11th.

There has been a lot of activity since last week when Bill 28 and Bill 29 were introduced, and we want to make sure you can stay as informed as possible, so yesterday Secretary Treasurer, Bea Bruske, joined our Shop Stewards at St. Boniface and went on a walkthrough at St. Boniface hospital to see you face to face and discuss the challenges ahead. Our Northern Rep and Organizing Director, J.P. Petit has been touring up north with our stewards.

The two groups were able to speak to many members, put some rumours to rest and answer as many questions as possible.  Right now there’s more questions, than we can give you answers to, but we are working to get you as much information as we can.


Two of the questions that did keep coming up are:

What is your union doing for you?

So far, we are working with our Provincial Working Groups and we have met with legal counsel to review the legislation to further understand any potential implications. There is still questions that we have for the government and we are trying to seek answers as quick as possible.

We won’t get many answers until after the Provincial Budget is dropped on April 11th, but in the meantime we will give you as many answers as we can, so keep an eye on our FAQ page.

How can you help?

Let us know if there is any issues arising in the workplaces, or if there is common questions that you or your fellow members have so we can do our best to answer them. Tell everyone you work with about our website so we can help keep everyone informed as quickly and as easily as possible. Finally, give us your email address, so we can push information into your hands faster and easier.

We obviously weren’t able to speak to everyone who has questions, we are planning a return visit to St. Boniface already with a kiosk where you can come to us to answer questions. We are also only a phone call or an email away. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Aline Audette

Health Care Coordinator
Aline  is UFCW Local 832’s Health Care Coordinator. She has worked in healthcare and has represented Healthcare for over 20 years for UFCW. Aline worked at St. Boniface Hospital and was a Shop steward in the 90’s, the last time a PC government was in power, she has first-hand experience with a government that doesn’t consider the people and only considers the bottom line.