Concerning Changes

Your union has received some concerning changes involving the Healthcare votes.  At this meeting, the Pallister government provided us with a Regulation to the Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (Bill 29).  A regulation to an act is an additional rule(s) that applies automatically without having to go to a vote in the legislature.

For our members at St Boniface Hospital, WRHA Laundry & NRHA, we have always taken the position that these members would vote in the “Facilities Support Sector” as you are all members who support a facility or facilities.  It made no sense to us to split up one collective agreement into two different votes.

This new Regulation now goes against our position and defines “Community Sector” and “Facilities Sector” as follows:

  • Community Sector – In relation to employees, means employees whose work consists primarily of providing direct hands-on or psycho-social patient/resident/client care. (EG – health care aide)
  • Facilities Sector – In relation to employees, means employees who provide operational support services, excluding employees of a child care centre that is licensed under the Community Child Care Standards Act. (EG – Housekeeping)

In this new Regulation, the Government has unilaterally implemented definitions to Community Sector & Facility Sector without consultation or receiving submissions from the Unions.  UFCW Local 832 does not agree with these definitions and believe that all members at St. Boniface Hospital, WRHA Laundry & NRHA should remain in one sector for the upcoming votes.  We believe that splitting up current Collective Agreements for the vote will only complicate & confuse the process and more importantly, you, our members.

Our Legal Department is currently reviewing, and we are in the process of exploring any options. We will be speaking to the Commissioner to voice our concerns.

We can appreciate that you will have a lot of questions and unfortunately we won’t have all the answers, but don't hesitate to get in contact with your full-time Union Representative listed below:

Aline Audette –
Carmela Abraham –
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Mike Howden –